In 2004 the youth of Torwali community felt the need of preserving their language and culture.
For this end they began to carry out research on linguistics and culture. This was not so organized efforts but the youth carried their activities for the preservation of their language, Torwali. Later the youth organized on a platform as Torwali Education Language and Literary
Society (TELLS).
While the efforts were thus going on, the youth set up a regular organization with the Urdu name Idara Baraye Taleem-o-Taraqi (IBT) i.e. Institute for Education and Development in January 2007.
IBT is thus a joint venture of the youth of Swat-Kohistan especially of Torwali community in order to pursue the mission of attaining sustainable and integrated development by working alongside the community; and ensuring the participation of the community.

IBT is a notprofit non-governmental nonpartisan indigenous organization based in Swat-Kohistan with its head office in Bahrain Swat; and is registered with the Government of Pakistan under the Societies Act, 1860.