Culture is an integral part of human life. In the wake of globalization and imperialism almost all the cultures, particularly the indigenous cultures, are in danger of extinction.

Pakistan is a mix of various cultures and nationalities. Denial of this fact has so far inflicted Pakistan with many issues of identity and extremism.

In Pakistan the smaller and lesser discovered cultures along with the languages are fast vanishing consequently leaving the national in suspension and abeyance. This has pushed the society towards alien cultures which are apparently antagonist but in operation have the same impacts on society and human life.

In order to reclaim the pluralistic social background of our sub-continental past there is an intense need to revive and promote the indigenous culture that was not only inclusive but humane as well.

If seen closely and emphatically the lesser known cultural entities in Pakistan are threatened of death if left unchecked.

Realizing this need IBT has launched the initiative to document, preserve, promote and revive the indigenous cultures of North Pakistani communities.

The initiative is named ‘Simam’—a Torwali word meaning grandeur, arrangement and dignity. Under it folk music, poetry, tales, oral tradition, traditional games, dresses, daily use items and historical legends are documented and promoted.